Introducing KS+

Kinky Salon’s private social network and video party portal!

This is a new era for Kinky Salon. We’ve created a party portal designed for sexy socializing, with social networking and tools for accountability and consent built in. Whether you’re exploring solo or posse-ing up with your pod, KS+ is the most fun you can have online. Let’s stay connected. Let’s flirt and dance and play. Let’s be sexy and silly in our living rooms.

Sign up to chat with Kinky Salon friends via text and video, make new friends at our video mixers, and connect in our consent-forward, members-only social network. PLUS epic, arty, multi-roomed, themed, costumed, weird, sexy, online events using our exclusive video party portal:

Video Party Portal with text and video

Membership Benefits

  • All pricing levels get the same benefits so pay what you can.
  • Explore our private, consent-forward, members-only social network.
  • Search our member database to connect with other members.
  • View profiles, share photos, friend, instant message, and video chat.
  • Connect with KS+ members at scheduled, hosted video mixers.
  • Get invited to our EPIC multi-city events in our video party portal.
  • Be an active part of the community. Have your voice heard. Join the conversation. Stay connected.

If you’ve already created a profile to buy tickets, you’re already part of the community. All you need to do is activate your KS+ Upgrade. Your personal information (email, real name etc) will never be shared. 

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