Want to learn how to throw your own ARTY SEXY PARTY?
Have you ever wondered why the frisky, fun vibe at Kinky Salon is so welcoming?At first were you scared to come, and then surprised by how easy it felt when you got here?Have you experimented in ways that you never thought you would because you felt so comfortable?

Do you want to be a Rockstar Sexy Party Host and produce an event for you and your friends that recreates that vibe at Kinky Salon?

The fact is that the formula that Kinky Salon is based on is not dependent on the location, the hosts or the scale of the event. With a few simple instructions and the right attitude, you can create your own ARTY SEXY PARTY in the comfort of your own home (or space shuttle or tree house).

That’s right, folks, it ain’t rocket science!

Join Polly and Scott, the creators of Kinky Salon, in this series of fun afternoons, where you will discover the strange science and master the art of creating a fabulous, creative, sex-positive space for your friends to play in.

Look out for announcements of featured guest speakers and presenters who are experts in their fields showing us the ropes in the various topics.
If all seven classes are completed, you’ll be ready to create your own ARTY SEXY PARTY!
Individual classes
$100-$150 sliding scale.
Comprehensive course (7 classes) $600- $900 sliding scale
Buy the comprehensive course
for just $450! Contact us ASAP for details of this amazing deal! Limited places only

The course will repeat in the future, so you will get a chance to catch up and don’t have to do it all in one go.



Classes take place from 12-4pm
on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month

Saturday May 9th
Class One- Sex positive culture

Saturday May 23rd
Class Two- The Theme, Costumes and Invitation

Saturday June 13th
Class Three- The Charter, and creating a safe environment

Saturday June 27th
Class Four- Building a Participation Based Community

Saturday July 11th
Class Five- Volunteer Training and Advanced Hosting

Saturday July 25th
Class Six- Creating the environment- transforming your home into an ARTY SEXY PARTY

Saturday August 8th
Class Seven- Maintaining the community


Saturday May 9th- Class One

Sex positive culture

  • This history of Kinky Salon and
    the communities that preceded it

  • The terms and the language of sex
    positive community, including what they mean to you.

  • Navigating sex positive space

  • Sexual energy and how it affects a
    space. The power of Kundalini and it’s before and after effects.

  • The importance of tolerance and


Saturday May 23rd- Class Two

The Theme, Costumes and Invitation

  • Creating a narrative for people to
    interact with

  • The importance of the dress code,
    the hidden significance behind costuming

  • The value of getting out of
    everyday street wear.

  • Thinking up top notch themes and
    crafting compelling, witty invitations.

  • The art of invitation

  • Creating costumes on a budget

  • Creating décor on a budget

Saturday June 13th- Class Three

The Charter, and creating a safe environment

  • Why the Charter exists and why
    it’s important

  • The history of the Charter and how
    it was created

  • Reviewing the Basics of the

  • The importance of Hosts and their
    role in introducing the Charter

  • The history of the PAL system and
    how it works to create safety

  • How to deal with the lurker factor
    and where to draw the line with voyerism

Saturday June 27th- Class Four

Building a Participation Based Community

  • The importance of using volunteers
    and having a participation based model

  • Finding volunteers and creating an
    invitation that makes people want to participate

  • Signing them up for tasks and the
    logistics of getting all the tasks filled

  • Who to pick for which task

  • An in depth description of each
    task, including tips and potential pitfalls

  • Tips on being a good leader and
    how to create a positive experience for your volunteers

Saturday July 11th- Class Five

Volunteer Training and Advanced Hosting

  • Training your volunteers
    and creating a great support team

  • Tips and tricks for being the
    happy host

  • Checking in and getting your needs

  • Being conscious and attentive to
    the party, while still having fun!

Saturday July 25th- Class Six

Creating the environment- transforming your home into an ARTY SEXY PARTY

  • The importance of the right
    lighting and decor

  • What music to play and how to
    change the mood with sound

  • Creating multiple zones for
    different areas

  • How to create clean, inviting,
    cozy playspaces

  • Practical safety tips

  • The Cabaret, why it’s important
    and how it’s done

Saturday August 8th- Class Seven

Maintaining the community

  • How to give friendly feedback

  • Giving thanks to volunteers and

  • The importance of a pre-party
    check in with your volunteers

  • Receiving feedback from your
    volunteers and your guests

  • Creating and moderating an online
    group for your guests to connect outside the party

  • Additional outings and activities
    outside the party

  • Volunteer appreciation- a special
    event just for volunteers

  • When and how to kick people out

  • When to be firm and when
    to be flexible, dealing with conflict without creating drama

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