CALLING GLOBAL KINKSTERS: If you don’t see a Kinky Salon near you and you are interested in having one in your town, then you can start by filling out this form and telling us who you are.



Kinky Salon London was our first overseas event. It was spearheaded by one of our most longstanding volunteers, Kitty Stryker, who is totally qualified for the job. She gathered together a community of like minded freaks in London and the events are now selling out within moments of the tickets being on sale. It is a very community oriented party, with nobody making any money and lots of volunteer participation. The vibe is totally sweet and the costumes are totally ridiculous. You can find them here


Kinky Salon Copenhagen was instigated by a regular at both Kinky Salon London and San Francisco for many years-a fabulous event producer in his own right. He created a team and they work hard to bring that genuine Kinky Salon magic to Copenhagen. Reports say it ROCKS.


Austin was the first Kinky Salon outside San Francisco. It is run by Heather and Andreas and they do it in their home. They helped us to create the process which we now use to share Kinky Salons, and have now thrown a ton of parties. There are some great photos on their website what we’ve heard their events are really fun! Its a really friendly vibe, as it’s a house party rather than in a club.


There’s a tight knit community between London, Copenhagen and Berlin. The Berlin contingent had their first party in winter 2013, and are planning more. They have a similar vibe to the London and Copenhagen parties, as it’s all an extension of the same community.


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