Le Sexy

Kinky Salon, America’s Magnifique Sex- Positive Community


Le Sexy!lesexy.jpg


Saturday May 17th

10pm till late  21 and over

Mission Control (2519 Mission Street)

Couples and chaperoned singles only (Click here  for details of this policy)



…Come join us for this magnificent tribute to THE SEXIST CULTURE ON EARTH, La France!

Are you ready to get- Le Sexy?

Oui!  Oui!



DJ Delachaux spinning his fantastique frenchy tunes (http://www.myspace.com/djdelachaux)

DJ PINK FRANKENSTEIN from the fabulous Bardot a Go Go

MARK GROWDEN accordianist extraordinaire

Suzanne Forbes with her Quartier des Artistes (www.suzanneforbes.com)

Mademoiselle Tasty does la dance of ‘la beaucoup Madult.net derriere’  

‘The Punishment of Marcel Marceau’- a mime BDSM comi-tragedy




The one and only French Kiss-off! Are you good enough to make the finals?

Wine and cheese tasting for those with a more sophisticated palette…



Do they really wear merkins at the Moulin Rouge?

Was Napolean’s cock really only 1 inch long?

Was Marie Antoinette really a whorish, greedy airhead?

All these questions and more will be answered!

DRESS: FRILLY LINGERIE, BERETS AND STRIPEY SHIRTS, MARQUIS DE SADE, FRENCH MAIDS, MIMES!, Tour de France, revolutionaries, artistes, Pepe Le Pew, taksim escort baguettes & crepes, MOULIN ROUGE!, Can-Can dancers, Inspector Clouseau, MARIE ANTOINETTE, LOUIS XIV, La Fee Verte, Toulouse Lautrec, French Luminaries=Monet-Rodin-Balzac-Voltaire-Alfred Jarry-Cocteau-Colette, leetle mustaches, Eiffel Tower, TOP HATS AND TAILS, Bridgitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg, FRENCH POP GO-GO,Henry & June


Ooo la la!

What is more sexy than PARIS in the springtime, eh?

….l’amour ortakoy escort in the air, lovers walking hand in hand, and going home to have a ménage a trois with their kinky neighbor. Ahhh…Paris….. where the naughty maids wear crinolines, the showgirls don’t wear panties and kartal escort
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