Saturday March 14th and 28th

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• Dresscode

• The PAL System

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Saturday April 11th
THE 80S vs THE 90S
Ahhh. The 80s. Such fond memories….

(a 100% genuine 80s DJ- he still has his records!)

(watch out Kinky Salon, Ding Dong will rock your panties right off)

Rocky Horror TimeWARP
Rockin’ Breakdancers &

Break out your single white glove… New Wave, Goth,
Rocky Horror, Flashdance, New Romantic, Mullets, 80s Prom Queen, Leg Warmers, Neon, Side Ponytails, MTV, Ra Ra Skirts, Feathered Hair, Spandex, Break Dancing Electric Boogaloo, Video Arcades, Crimped Hair Rubix Cubes, We are Devo and Roller Skates….

Saturday April 25th
THE 90S vs THE 80S
Oooh. The 90s. So edgy- so modern. Fetish, Piercings, Latex,
Corsets, Tank Girl, Neo Pagans, Anime, Industrial, BDSM Dungeons, Y2K, Millenium Fever, Ravers, Smileys, The Spice Girls, Pacifiers, Lycra, Puffer Vests, Candy Raves, Baggy, Emo, Techno, Grunge, The Internet, Lara Croft, 90210, platform shoes…and Glo Stick Poi…

Mark your calendars- KS is the 2nd and 4th Sat of EVERY month!

Kinky Salon, America’s Most Futuristic Community presents…

The inimitable yo-yo master

Doc Popular

(Photo by Cate Corbitt)

Will diddle our skittles with his mad skillz

the Kings and Queens of nerdy sci fi camp


The most awesomest DJ on the planet (we think so anyway)


The Exquisite MISS TASTY as our resident Sexy Venusian Go Go Dancer

Captains Log:

StarDate: 2009-03-14/28

In an attempt to relieve the MOUNTING PRESSURES of our crew, we will navigate The S.S. Kinkatron past the icy rings of URANUS to a hitherto unexplored PLEASURE PLANET. It is said that this lush destination orbiting the unusual BROWN DWARF STAR & OMEGA 13, is a haven for galactic seekers of rare pleasures and deviant delights. The Pleasure Planet is rumored to be protected by a strange race of METAMORPHOSEXUAL beings who have learned to harness TANTRIC ENERGY as a form of TECHNOLOGY.

In the name of SCIENCE and by unanimous crew vote, we have decided to conduct a PROBING STUDY of this race and their extraordinary planet.

One can only wonder what mysteries the PLEASURE PLANET holds in store for us???…


Space cadets, Aliens, Fembots, weird technology, robots, antennas, cellophane, bubblewrap, blinky shit, spock ears, Mork from Ork,  green skin, venusians, martians,  Dr Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Flash Gorden, Barbarella, sexy costumes, lingerie and fetishy stuff always welcome

Click here for details of our dresscode rules


Sat March 14th and 28th

10pm-4am (ish)

Mission Control

2519 Mission Street, San Francisco, 94110

21+ (we check IDs)

Couples and chaperoned singles

See here for details

BYO beer and wine ONLY

The P.A.L. system

(Pervy Activity Liason)

Whether you are male or female, if you want to come to Kinky Salon without a date these rules apply:

• When you come to Kinky Salon you must bring a PAL with you

• Your PAL can be the same gender, the opposite gender or even a couple

• You are responsible for your PALs behavior and they are responsible for yours!

• If either of you violate the charter you will both be held responsible

• You must arrive together and we recommend leaving together

• If you volunteer at the event, you do not need a PAL

Click here for the PAL FASQ

The Kinky Salon Charter was created by the community and states our intention and our standards. We created it so that it would be super easy for newbies to understand how to behave at our events. Follow these simple do’s and don’ts and you’ll fit right in:


Be creative about how you dress

Contribute when and where you can

State your boundaries

Play safely and consensually

Respect our space and each other

Clean up after yourself


Linger unaccompanied in play spaces

Cruise aggressively (even if they are really cute)

Get too intoxicated

Take photographs

Gossip about what goes on here

click here for the long version

… and don’t forget!

Kinky Salon is a community dedicated to the safe and consensual exploration of sex-positive self-expression. We celebrate all forms of diversity and encourage all members and guests to equally uphold our communities Standards of behaviour. Please note that YOU are responsible for educating your guests as to the Standards of our community. ANYONE showing up inappropriately dressed, under-informed or with the wrong attitude is subject to be turned away at the door!


We created OPENLY.US so that we can join together with other communities and create something that is larger than the sum of our parties.

Check it out and see what we’re all up to! It’s not just an online social networking tool- it’s designed to help people can meet in the real world too.