Sat Feb 13, 8pm – 2am PST

Tune in from anywhere in the world to our EPIC, members-only, multi-city, multi-roomed, digital adventure in the KS+ Party Portal!



Playful, mischievous, chaotic, and subversive, the world of CARNIVALESQUE awaits! In a tradition that spans continents and history, we invite you to indulge in a fabulous bacchanal of dancing, sexual freedom, and unbridled joy!
Mini Mardi Gras Parade
Decorate a cardboard box to make it look like a tiny floatShow it off in our virtual parade, and win prizes!
Pancake Orgy
Learn how to make a real pancake and celebrate Fat Tuesday like a Brit.
Carnival Dance Party
You won’t be able to stay in your seat with our guided dancefloor activities designed to make you jump around!
Hop aboard the Carnivalesque Cruise Ship
With bingo, trivia, and speed dating, our Cruise Director will keep everything ship shaped.
Sacrifice a Goat! 
Follow in the pagan origins of Carnival: Lupercalia! 

DRESS: Masks, feathers, beads, sequins, head dresses, boas, devils, political satire, puppets, jesters, Kings and Queens, parade floats.

We celebrate the black and brown roots of Carnival, alongside the variety of masked celebrations that happen across Europe on the same date. If you want to wear a traditional Carnival costume from a culture that isn’t your own, we invite you to do it with understanding and respect.

“Hi! I’m Sweet Wild Rose and I’m on the core team for Kinky Salon. I am Trinidadian and I’m excited to share Carnival with you! Wearing costumes like the ones you see at Trinidad Carnival is totally appropriate but please be respectful. Obviously black face, fake dreads and mimicking accents isn’t cool. I will be presenting an introduction to my culture at the socials before the party it would be great to see you there”

Do you want to participate more deeply in KS+? Are you ready to become a vital part of this virtual community-experience? We are looking for a few good CARETAKERS and HOSTS to help guide the community in this digital realm.

All profits from the sale of tickets are shared with performers and room hosts, supporting the infrastructure of artists and weirdos who make Kinky Salon unique.