This companion is a resource for our Global Kinky Salon Community. Here, you will find tons of information that will help you create Kinky Salon in your town.

This Kinky Salon Companion has lots of advice and tips, but it isn’t a hard and fast set of rules. It’s a creative springboard to bounce from. We are still learning, and we expect that, in the future, some things will change. With every new Kinky Salon we learn more. Please tell us your experiences and give us feedback. This companion will evolve as we do.


Kinky Salon provides a safe space for people of all persuasions to explore their sexuality without fear of judgment. The space we have created is designed to be an oasis, where people can feel completely at ease. It is a rare alternative to sex clubs, which can often be intimidating or impersonal. We support creativity, personal growth, and deepening of community connection as essential counterparts to sensual and sexual exploration.