Bitcoin/ Crypto

Bitcoin_accepted_here_sign_horizontal2How to pay for your Kinky Salon tickets with Crypto Currency:

1. Go to the event page at and go through the process of buying a ticket

2. In the “comment” section write CRYPTO and take note of the full amount owed.

3. Click “checkout” at the bottom to save the order.

4. Instead of completing the payment go to our CRYPTO PAYMENT CHECKOUT and make your payment in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin. Please throw in a little extra at your discretion for the manual labor it takes for us to process your payment this way.


How to MAKE A DONATION to Kinky Salon with Crypto Currency:

If Kinky Salon has had a positive impact on your life and you would like to make a donation please use our CRYPTO PAYMENT CHECKOUT. Donations of any amount are welcome. Thank you.


How to SUBSCRIBE with bitcoin and help us expand the Kinky Salon community

Click here to check out an experiment to see if we can raise funds to expand Kinky Salon with bitcoin. It works like Patreon but without the censorship. If we see people signing up we will expand the perks and start generating content.