FAIRYTALE MASQUERADE July on 24th and SAN FRANSEXY on August 14th

~ Saturday July 24th ~

This is a MEMBERS ONLY event.

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Moonlight falls on enchanted gardens
where Lords and Ladies of the Fairy Court
spin and cavort to wild melodies…
with top hats and tails, ruffled petticoats and corset laces… undone in time
…no powder puff ponces and stuffed royalty here, no
this is a  Midsummer night of legend,of myth
A Bacchanalia of opulence: perfumed glances & heady wines
A night where every rank of Fairy Folk,
from Queen to King to pixie servant to nymph courtiers
throw wide the gates to the Kingdom
behind masks of leather, feather, lace and leaf
Flirtation and intrigue knows no bounds
When your courtier could be a King of the Forest!
Or your masked beauty a Fairy Queen!


Masks! Royalty and nobility from all eras, petticoats and frilly frocks, corsets and bows, top hat and tails, stripes and wings, horns and tails, woodland creatures, mythic characters, nymphs and midsummer night dreams.

Fetish, Latex, Leather, formal wear, sexy costumes, lingerie, uniforms, Steampunk, &c. are always welcome!

NO plain clothes, street clothes, jeans,
hoodies, t-shirts, sneakers, &

~ Featured Entertainers ~


~Ophelia Coeur de Noir

This “Mona Lisa with a new tattoo”
will delight you with her wicked burlesque!


Gorgeous Man Flesh~

Provided by Boylesque!


~DJ Delachaux

Delachaux flipped vinyl all over SF’s neo-burlesque underbelly with lascivious sets that swirled everything from Weimar Berlin & brassy beatnik to torch-lit tiki & retro atomic go-go!

new eccentrics


The New Eccentrics~

Our favorite post-post-modern vaudevillians return for a night of splendor and trumpets!

~ The prior Masquerade photoboof ~

Oh, look at all the lovely creatures that came out to play!

Thanks to Todd Hartman

©2010 Kinky Salon and respective artists – All rights reserved

Kinky Salon, August 14th


Come to Kinky Salon and CELEBRATE the launch of SanFranSexy – a brand new monthly zine bringing a bulging package of Sex-Positive Culture to your doorstep. Every month we’re going to bring you juicy bits of news, events, resources, and advice keeping you in the know about what’s worth knowing in our sassy little town.

DRESS: Express your inner SanFranSexual with Glitter, Glitz, Sequins, Androgyny, Gender Bending, Rainbows, Drag,  Eyelashes, Glamour, Lips, Ass, Sass! Whatever makes you feel SanFranSexy!

Featuring DJ Smoove (Space Cowboys)

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Enjoy her many huge canvases depicting sexy scenes of hotness

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