How to credit Kinky Salon

The Kinky Salon brand is protected by an international Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. All uses of this work must include a link back to and include clear attribution.

If you are just using the tools to create an event which is not an official Kinky Salon, then please simply acknowledge the source, link back to our website at and include a link to the creative commons license

If you want to throw an official Kinky Salon then we REQUIRE that you fill out THIS FORM before you begin

For those who have already registered as official Kinky Salons:

1) Acknowledge the source. Tell the world about how you found out about Kinky Salon, and the story of how you came to be throwing one. Kinky Salon London does it nicely here . Put it somewhere prominent on your site, so that it’s clear to people who visit that your event is part of a bigger network, and a global vision.

2) Link back to the Kinky Salon Original site at

3) Link back to our global events page, and encourage your guests to leave reviews for your event. This is an essential part of the process, allowing us to show the community what all the different events are like.

4) Include our creative commons license

5) Registered Kinky Salons can see the rest of the requirements for hosting a Kinky Salon, not related to credit and creative commons license HERE