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January 29, 2014 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – – Polly Whittaker has launched a Kickstarter campaign for her Memoir, Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary. A limited edition, hardcover version of the book is now available for pre-purchase. The book chronicles the rise of Kinky Salon from a small monthly party in San Francisco to a global movement, with events happening in a dozen cities all over the world. It contains the intimate details of Polly’s adventures, including her personal challenges with her own sexuality and relationships, and her spiritual and sexual awakening.

Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary is a memoir, told with surprising candidness and humor. It vividly captures the failures and triumphs of a young woman struggling to understand the meaning of her own existence, while pursuing her dreams to change culture.

Whittaker describes the book: “It’s about the sexual revolution, counter culture, my quest for family, and my constant battle against self-doubt. My hope is that by revealing this very human part of myself, I will help people to relate to my life and why I do what I do, getting a real-life glimpse into this little corner of the sexual revolution.”

Polly Whittaker has dedicated her life to sexually progressive community, as an acclaimed latex fashion designer, a creator of arty, sexy parties, and a spokesperson for sex culture. Born in London, England, in 1974, she is the daughter of a hot air balloon pilot and a sex therapist. She relocated to San Francisco—home of the sexual revolution—in 1999. Her award-winning event, Kinky Salon, takes place in a dozen cities across Europe and North America. She recently joined forces with Christopher Ryan, Author of NYT Bestselling Book Sex at Dawn to create—a social network for global sex culture.

The Kickstarter campaign will cover the costs of creating, self-publishing, cover design, interior design and page layout, proofreading, and copyediting of the book. Any funding above and beyond the self-publishing will be put towards travel expenses for upcoming book tours.

This project will only be funded if $40K by Fri Feb 21, 3:00pm PST. Find the project by going to the KICKSTARTER website and typing “Sex Culture Revolutionary” into the search box, or by typing this link into your browser:


If you’d like more information about Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary, or to schedule an interview with Polly Whittaker, please email or send her a Tweet @pollysuperstar

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