We know we’ve kept you waiting… with SIX WEEKS between Kinky Salons we’re looking forward to the next one, too! There will be limited ticket sales for this packed party… so buy yours in advance!

~ Saturday September 25th, 9pm – late~

Kinky Salon's PUSSYFEST

This is a MEMBERS ONLY event.

To find out the location and the links to pre sale tickets,
click here to become a member  – it’s FREE and INSTANT!

NO UNATTENDED SINGLES: click here for details.

Feeling Frisky, Kinksters?
Ready to get your prowl on?
Then shine those coats and slick back those whiskers for PUSSY FEST, cuz the fur will fly!z


NOTE: We ask that all pussies PLEASE not drag any half eaten birds to Mission Control. Anyone caught spraying or scratching the furniture will be asked to leave. Screamers and howlers will please bite a pillow or something, for chrissakes.

You Know Who You Are.


 kitties, pussies, felines, tomcats, lions, tigers, tabbies, leopards, mousers, kittens, etc. Dogs? Mice?

Fetish, Latex, Leather, formal wear, sexy costumes, lingerie, uniforms, Steampunk, &c. are always welcome!

NO plain clothes, street clothes, jeans,
hoodies, t-shirts, sneakers, &

~ Featured Entertainers ~

~Kitten On The Keys

 She’s the musical snackcake with a moist & VERY creamy center who will tantalize your tastebuds, stir your nethers, and tickle your funnybone with her pianocentric plinkity plunks and uke strokin’ extroirdinaire.

Gorgeous Man Flesh~

Snips, snails and puppy dog’s tails provided by Boylesque!

~DJ Fox

DJ Fox’s crowd-pleasing arsenal of original mashups and remixes is sure to scratch that itch.

The New Eccentrics present Hella Kitty~

Our favorite (post) post-post-modern vaudevillians return for a night of splendor, trumpets, and purrrversity!



~SAN FRANSEXY Release Party! ~

A fabulous showing to celebrate SFS‘s launch!


Warming up for the burn at August’s PINK! party

~ The Masquerade photoboof! ~

Oh, look at all the lovely creatures that came out to play!

Thanks to Todd Hartman

©2010 Kinky Salon and respective artists – All rights reserved

October 29th & 30th



Hey THRILLSEEKERS! Better grab your flashlights, plastic pumpkin buckets, a chaperone and some diapers cuz you’re gonna need ‘em for the Kinky Salon Halloween weekend!

Hey, have you seen
Issue 2 of
our sexy zine?

SFS is a brand new monthly zine bringing a bulging package of Sex-Positive Culture to your doorstep.

Every month we’re going to bring you juicy bits of news, events, resources, and advice keeping you in the know about what’s worth knowing in our sassy little town.

Check out Issue #2 now at:


Mission Control presents:

Thursday Sept 30th

Trickster Events

A new monthly arts salon focusing on community, creativity and openness showcasing group art shows, eclectic performances, DJ’s, games and mischief, Trickster Events provide a safe space for smart and sexy people to engage in genuine discourse, while doing our part in assisting evolution to unfold with grace, wit, and style.  


This month’s theme:

Portals and Peepholes

Gaze with us through the peepholes of imagination we embark on this new adventure into times and places unknown.
Come tickle your imagination, get playful with your inner child and go deep with us into portals of new potential!

Whimsical dress encouraged
(but not required)

MC Allies are free. All others $5 Donation at the door.


~About Kinky Salon~

Kinky Salon is a community dedicated to safe, consensual exploration of sex positive expression. We celebrate all forms of diversity and encourage all members and guests to uphold our community’s Standards of behavior.

ANYONE showing up inappropriately dressed, under-informed or with the wrong attitude may be turned away at the door!


It’s through the efforts of Kinky Salon’s volunteer community that the parties come off so well…

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~ Mission Control ~

Mission Control, the long-time home of parties like Kinky Salon, Club Kiss and PINK, has taken off as a community in its own right as it co-creates artistic, sensual & social evolution.

As a place, a space and a people, Mission Control will host many more fabulous creative, open-hearted, and sex-positive events through 2010 & beyond…

~ Get Involved! ~

There are all kinds of opportunities: you could produce new events, help build infrastructure or plug your unique skills into the mix in ways we didn’t think of.

Sign up & be part of Mission Control 2.0… Just fill out the form HERE to get involved.

On the Walls of Mission Control


Enjoy her many huge canvases depicting sexy scenes of hotness AND TAKE THEM HOME.

Yes, they’re all for sale!

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