SanFranSexy is a brand new monthly zine bringing a bulging package of Sex-Positive Culture to your doorstep. Every month we’re going to bring you juicy bits of news, events, resources, and advice keeping you in the know about what’s worth knowing in our sassy little town.

SanFranSexy focuses on Sex-Positive lifestyle, with articles like safe sex tips for threesomes, relationship advice for sluts, how to be a gentleman at a
sex club, and the importance of eye contact during aural sex. And that’s just for starters.

Brought to you by Polly Superstar (Co-Creator of Kinky Salon, Mission Control, Kiss and Openly.Us) , SanFranSexy has a glorious roster of local experts and
luminaries contributing their awesomeness to this orgy of good times:

  • Marcia Baczynski (of Cuddle Party fame) will be on hand to help with her unconventional relationship advice (
  • Dixie De La Tour ( will be entertaining us with some downright filthy stories. Mason Cornelius will be teaching us some less commonly available safer sex tips for our unusual sex lives.
  • Barron Scott Levkoff will focus on advice for men in this modern world.
  • Dr. Melanie Rose will go deep, looking at the culture and spirit of sexuality. Round it all out with a calendar of upcoming events and you’ll be so satisfied you’ll be reaching for a cigarette when you’re done.

Call us old-fashioned, but as well as being available online, this zine will actually be printed on paper, and distributed around town to select retail outlets, nightclubs and sexy hot-spots!

Our first edition is coming out on August 14th, and we’ll be having a launch party to celebrate, so watch your inboxes for more info.

We are not defined by who we love

We are not defined by the contents of our pants

We are not defined by how many people we love

We are not defined by who likes to be in charge

We are not defined by how we fuck

No scale or map can tell us who we are

We are sexual pioneers in a Brave New World

With open minds and open hearts

We live to love and love to live


This city turns us on