Kinky Salon West Bay Social Club

The Kinky Salon West Bay Social Club is a place for Kinky Salon members (and their friends) to meet, mingle and make out on a weeknight in San Francisco. We are queer friendly, body positive, accessible and inclusive (read more about our core values here).
It’s not a play party, it’s a make-out party, so your pants stay on.

This social is hosted by Polly Superstar who will be there to chat, sign books and make you a nice cuppa.
We have a TEA AREA for non-booze centered socializing. (Alcohol is welcome but we don’t provide it)
Plus we have a button making machine so we’re gonna be providing some exclusive button designs, and some crafting supplies for you to get creative.
Jason from Mission Control (Pink/ Throne) brings GAAAAAAMES.We’ve got everything from Twister to Magic.

We will DANCE, we will BE SOCIAL, we will MAKE OUT. There will be GAMES. There will be ENTERTAINMENT.  You’re gonna LOVE IT. Tickets are only $15.

No dress code
BYO libation
Bring a PAL
If you don’t have a PAL ping for instructions

Volunteer! Volunteers are sexy! Click here to learn how!

The West Bay we are referring to is San Francisco. Because so much fun stuff, so much art and so many events are now happening in Oakland it can sometimes feel like San Francisco is officially the “wrong side of the bridge.” Oakland people complain about San Francisco being too far. Well, this party is for San Francisco, for the people who live here and the folks who still make the effort to get here. A West Bay party.