Here at Kinky Salon we support you in exploring new models for relationships and dismantling systems of oppression within sex culture. We want to support you in being sex culture revolutionaries, and so we’ve gathered some resources here that we hope will make your adventures a little easier.

Bay Area Open Minds

Bay Area Open Minds is a list of therapists who support gender diversity, sexual diversity, polyamory, kink, alternative sexuality, sex workers, adult performers… and more! If you’re looking for a therapist who is educated and aware this list is a great resource.

A Field Guide to Consent

Download this Field Guide to Consent from our very own Marcia Baczynski! She’s our fav local sexpert. If you’re confused about how consent works, or you’re looking for some simple scripts that make it easy, check out this guide. We love it. Plus we highly recommend Marcia if you’re looking for a coach to help walk you through the process of getting what you want from sex and relationships.

Doing it Better from KSL

Download this PDF created by the team at Kinky Salon London for their Summer House event. It includes some great tips on how to navigate a playspace, effective communication and negotiating. It includes a sex menu exercise for communicating about boundaries and desires.