Team Kinky Salon


Polly is our fearless leader. She pioneered our sex culture revolution here at Kinky Salon in San Francisco, at our non-profit social club in Oakland, Mission Control (501c7), and with the global Kinky Salon community. When she isn’t traveling the world couchsurfing with our communities in other cities, you’ll find her emceeing our cabarets, thinking up ridiculous themes, making flyers, and generally cracking herself up. Her passion is for sex positive, community centered, cross-cultural care ethics. And unicorns.  If you want to know more about the genesis of Kinky Salon, Mission Control and the Sex Culture Revolution you can read her book.


Ken is one of the most consistent team members of Kinky Salon. He’s been helping with the newsletters and website for a decade or more. So much has changed since he first chimed in saying he could help and he’s been there throughout, always available and responsive and getting shit done with a smile on his face. Staying up late to ping ideas back and forth on IM. Having patience with frustrations. Making everything pretty and professional looking. We can’t imagine having to wrangle HTML without him.


Sgt Die Weis arrived in the Kinky Salon team like a bat out of hell. She’s our totally metal, bling-y burlesque, fierce queen of the cabaret. She books all our talent and makes sure our stage is queer, diverse, and talented. She’s got a knack for sniffing out the best local talent and she has her ear to the ground knowing when the best traveling performers are in town. If you want to perform here she’s the one to reach out to. Next time you see her why not tell her how much you love the cabaret?


Most of the time you’ll find him in coat check making sure your belongings are safe, but don’t think for a minute that’s all he does around here. Shakey is often among the first to arrive, then at the very end of the night when you’re all tired and going home, Shakey will be there to help close the space. He cares so much. He works so hard. He’s the most glamorous coat check girl around. But there’s more! Shakey is also an amazing drag diva and singer who has wowed the audiences of Kinky Salon many times with her incredible costumes, choreography, voice, and talent. Next time you put your coat in coat check say hi, say thank you, and let him know you appreciate all he does.


She’s been the guardian of our gateway, the friendly face you pass to enter into our other worldly world, for nearly a decade. She’s fiercely protective of Kinky Salon. Our mama tiger. Nobody gets past her without a check in. If we have problems inside she gets them out gracefully. Nobody fucks with Jannypan. We feel safe inside when she’s on our door. Next time you come to Kinky Salon, why not thank her too? She’s a face you recognize because she’s there on the door every time, but she sacrifices her sexy-playtime to keep you all safe. She deserves allllll the love.


If you email it comes into Meredith. She’s the volunteer wrangler, the easygoing whip cracker, the one who plays whack-a-mole every month as volunteers jump in and out of the schedule. Volunteer coordination can be a frustrating and time consuming job, but she takes it all on her shoulders with a smile and a shrug. The best way we can all appreciate Meredith is by signing up to volunteer without needing to be asked! Go ahead. It’s easy.


If you see this woman at an event please say “thank you.” She works unbelievably hard organizing all our storage spaces and setting up for events. She’s the one who buys supplies and keeps track of what we need. She knows where everything is and is always willing to go the extra mile picking things up and moving things around. She was the mastermind behind the truck that kept us afloat while we were homeless and she gets her hands dirty with behind-the-scenes realness more than anyone else we know. ALL HAIL VEE. She’s the Vee-est VIP.


Josh AKA DJ Fact 50 isn’t just our house DJ, he’s the one who’s developed the Kinky Salon sound. As a party where music is not the focus, it can be tricky to hit the right vibe for everyone. People are so used to gathering socially around a specific type of music, it’s a next level challenge to DJ for a group of people with vastly different musical tastes. He puts so much work into custom play lists specifically geared towards a theme and he gets the balance just right between getting people laughing, getting them dancing, and getting them fucking. He takes requests, he takes feedback, and he’s the most ego-less drama-free DJ ever!