The 2nd Annual PUSSYFEST!


Saturday SEPT 20th

Mission Control (2519 Mission Street, San Francisco)

Couples and chaperoned singles only P.A.L. System in effect! (Click here for details of this policy)
STRICT BYO beer and wine ONLY !

Feeling Frisky, Kinksters?
Ready to get your prowl on?
Then shine those coats and slick back those whiskers for PUSSY FEST, cuz the fur will fly!

WITH DJ MANCUB (Space Cowboys)

We are thrilled to announce that DJ MANCUB will be returning to Kinky Salon to rock our dancefloor once again! We tempted THE CUB with a TRAP baited with KINKY SALON FLESH and HE BIT! He will be leashed to the decks for your safety! Raaaar!



International Punky Cabaret Cheeky Chantuese, Miss Kitten on the Keys is back for her second PUSSYFEST! She’s the musical snackcake with a moist and VERY creamy center who will tantalize your tastebuds, stir your nethers, and tickle your funnybone with her pianocentric plinkity plunks and uke strokin’ extroirdinaire. She writes cute, kinky, and clever cabaret tunes that have dazzled audiences worldwide! Put some sin in your syncopation and lick her milkbowl .

Any CANINES must be reported immediately and may be subject to IMMEDIATE COLLARING.

DRESS: kitties, pussies, felines, tomcats, lions, tigers, tabbies, leopards, mousers, kittens, etc. Dogs? Mice? Sexy/ Fantasy/ Fetish wear always welcome

NOTE: We ask that all pussies PLEASE

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not drag any half eaten birds to Mission Control. Anyone caught spraying or scratching the furniture will be asked to leave. Screamers and howlers will please bite a pillow or something, for chrissakes. You Know Who You Are.

Pussycat, Pussycat
You’re so thrilling
And I’m so willing
To get with you
So go and make up your cute little pussycat face!
Pussycat, Pussycat
I want you
Yes, I do!